Benefits of membership into the fraternity

After the application process is complete, students are entered into The Academy. After completing 6 of the 8 workshops in The Academy, students will be initiated into The Fraternity.

The Alpha Leadership Fraternity promotes:

  • leadership,
  • personal responsibility,
  • civic envolvement, and
  • academic excellence.

In the model of traditional college-based fraternities, the Alpha Leadership Fraternity will have official induction rites, standards of behavior, an honor code, grade point average requirements, and solemn commitment to leadership, service, and excellence. Only young men who have completed the 9th grade “Academy” will be eligible to join the fraternity.

Fraternity members receive the following benefits and more:

  • additional access to scholarship and college access opportunities,
  • leadership & resume building opportunities,
  • field trips and cultural outings like college tours, & museums outings,
  • tickets for local sporting events,
  • invitations to attend special, exclusive events with local and national celebrities