Benefits of membership for 9th grade students

Research tells us that adolescent boys strive for connection and belonging. Unfortunately, boys sometimes feel pressure to join gangs, and engage in other devaluing behavior as a safeguard from being ostracized, isolated, ridiculed or subjected to physical violence.  In order to counteract these influences, ALP offers a group to which the boys can belong that supports, reinforces and rewards their constructive behavior.

Personal Development Workshops

The Alpha Leadership Project coordinates monthly workshops for the 9th graders in the program. The workshops consist of various topics such as time management, self-awareness, building positive relationships, study skills, and academic goal setting. Students are taught how to stay engaged in the educational system and prepare for manhood.


The Alpha Leadership Project acknowledges that young men need strong male role models in their lives. Our mentoring initiative invites men in the community to visit and engage with the ALP students in the schools during the monthly workshops. Additionally, an on-line mentoring portal is available for supplementary engagement with the young men.


All Alpha Leadership Project students can receive up to $4,000 in guaranteed scholarships if they and their parents/guardians are actively involved in the program and complete the necessary requirements. Please review the Scholarship Overview section for more details.