Role of the ALP mentor

Being a mentor in the Alpha Leadership Project requires minimal time, but has the potential to create a tremendous impact. Below is a summary of the roles and responsibilities of an ALP mentor.

  • Once chosen to participate in the program, mentors will be assigned to one of the five ALP schools.
  • Mentors are asked to attend workshops in their assigned school during the lunch period if possible.
    • Lunch time varies in each school, but usually lasts 45 minutes during the hours of 11:15 am & 1:15 pm.
  • During the workshops, mentors are asked to be present in the conversation, roam the room, engage students, and assist with general behavior management.
  • As students become more comfortable and a routine is constant, mentors may be assigned a group of students to engage on a more personal and intentional level.
  • Mentors are given access to our on-line portal to communicate with students on a more frequent basis.  If you are a mentor, please contact us for your access credentials.

On-line mentoring:

Our on-line mentoring component provides another way for mentors to safely engage students outside of the school setting. For those mentors who are unable to particiapte in the school meetings, the online portal will be your primary form contact with your mentee. To access the mentor portal, click the login button at the top of this site.